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Chapter 31 A Meeting in London

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A Meeting in London

—Tṓek Wē̂twíttháyā—

Heathrow Airport, present time

"Bye, JC," I said when JC separated to her gate. "See you later."

JC asked me to send the photos we took together directly to Kevin. She wanted him to forget everything in the past and go on. And well, this was the reason why I have to come to the airport today. JC's flight to Germany is one hour before my flight so she had to board now.

Singapore, you have to go to Singapore and send this to him directly. Telling him that you're not ok with his video. I don't mind leaving it online, but just tell him that I'm not ok that he is still like this. JC asked me yesterday. 

What if he found out the truth?

The truth was... we were friends, but JC wanted me to tell him that we are dating.

I don't know... let's hope that he won't care. She was not so confident.

I still remembered the day she told me she liked me. It was the last day at high school. I don't like you, I told her. I still want to be single and focus on studying.

"Long time no see, Tṓek! Where are you going?"

"Kev!?" I found Kev stood behind me. He smiled. "Hi... I... am going to..."

"Singapore...," said he. I realized that he read the ticket in my shirt's pocket. "Let me upgrade the seat for you."

He dialed his phone and asked his assistant to upgrade the seat for me to first class. It was A380, the first class could be...


"Press the button there if you want to sleep. I'm gonna work a bit more." He showed me the button that controls the seat. The flight took off twenty minutes ago, and the seat belt sign was turned off. The first-class area on this A380 was as luxurious as shown in travel review websites and magazines. Four seats per row, with privacy and optional double bed.

"Kev. I want to tell you something. I'm..."

"You're dating with JC, right? You're not ok with the video that I posted." I saw his eyes were still reading something on his iPad.


"Or you just met JC and she asked you to pretend to be her boyfriend." He was typing something when speaking. His multitasking skill was so nice.

He knew.

"She asked you to pretend?"

He read my reaction.

"I assumed it was right, so you don't have to pretend anymore. It's ok. I'm gonna remove the video."

"You don't really have to remove it. In fact, what you said was correct, but I just want to make sure that you're ok. You are my friend. I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm ok..."

I did not believe him, so I checked his iPad's screen and read the paragraphs on the screen. "How sad do I need to be, how long should I cry to let you know that I sincerely love you...[1] Another song?"

"รถของเล่น (song title: Toy Car)"

"Wow! You're still the same," said I.

Kev did not say anything but selected another song on the screen. He gave me the headset so I could listen to the very same song with him.


"How can I help you? I really want you to be happy!"

แต่คนอย่างฉัน ต้องอยู่ต่อไป
แม้เสียเธอไป ไร้เธอคู่
และคนอย่างฉัน ต้องเจ็บกับความช้ำนี้
ไปนานซักเท่าไร จะเจ็บเพียงใด จะอยู่ไปโดยไม่มีเธอ

He changed to another song.

Then he laughed.

"I'm already dating another girl. She is Taiwanese." I was shocked. "In that YouTube video, I mentioned that it was my very old song. I did not mention anything like... I still cannot forget her. Tṓek, it's about a decade already, how could anyone be continuously sad that long?"

"Alright, congratulations!"

I did not have any more words. And since my task was done now, why should I go to Singapore? Take me back to London now!!!

"Hey! I think you'd better cancel your hotel booking and stay with me in Singapore," invited Kev. "Chūn is also there, remember him?"

"Oh, yeah."

I had not yet booked the hotel. Nice...

"Ok, I will stay with you."

I got two meals on board. The first meal was a beef steak. The second one was beluga caviar and truffle salad. And since this was the first time in the first-class seat, I made my seat a comfortable bed and watched two movies before landing at Changi Airport.

On his iPad, I saw after the second movie ended, there was another song.

ฉันเองก็รู้ ว่านี่คงแฟร์กับเธอ
ฉันเองก็รู้ ว่าความจริงมันเป็นยังไง
ฉันจึงไม่รู้ ว่าฉันจะควรพูดอะไร
น้ำตาที่ไหล ก็แห้งเหือดหายไปกับตา...

มีคำเหล่านั้น ที่ฉันได้ยินเธอเรื่อยมา
พวกคำเหล่านั้น เธออ้างกับฉันอยู่เรื่อยไป
เธออยู่กับเขา แต่เธอว่าเธอไม่มีใคร
ที่ฉันทำไป ก็แค่แกล้งเป็นไม่เคยรู้ ว่าเธอทำอะไร

บอกมาเถอะที่รัก... ฉันจะไม่ว่าอะไร
บอกความจริงข้างใน ได้ไหม ฉันอยากจะฟัง
ถึงแม้ว่าฉัน จะต้องไปก็ไม่เป็นไร
จะยอมรับไว้ แม้มันจะเจ็บ ก็ทน

He wrote another song.


[1] Translated from - Artist: Tiger (เสือโคร่ง; Sū̌ea Khrō̂ng); Title: รถของเล่น (Rót Khɔ̄̌nglên; Toy Car), 2012.

[2] Artist: Timmy Xu (許魏洲; Xǔ Wèizhōu); Title:「塵埃」(Chén'āi; Dust), 2016.

[3] Artist: Blackhead; Title: อยู่ไปไม่มีเธอ (Yū̀ Pai Mâi Mī Thōe; Living Without You), 1999.

[4] Trainslated from - Artist: Repvblik; Title: Sandiwara Cinta (Performing Love), 2014.

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