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Chapter 30 The Announcement

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The Announcement

—JC Müller—

“Madness!” Kev yelled.

It was the morning assembly and Latdawan assigned us a very big homework for the October break. The so-called Integrated Project. The concept was very simple: you select one topic, and submit it to all eight compulsory courses’ assignment.

“This is a complete madness!”

“You are mad, Kawin! This is Thailand, how many more times do I need to remind you?!” Jirayu stood up and scolded.

“STOP!” Khru Latdawan shouted. With the microphone before her, the voice was too loud but the two guys did not listen. Instead, Khru Chanchai walked towards them, and Khru Ui, too, from the other direction.

“You go out and read researches from all over the world! Only least developed countries do what you do! You are not human!” Kev responded. “So Kalā!”


“เห็นมั้ยมึง แม้แต่น้องมึงเองยังไม่เข้าข้างมึงเลย”

“你真的什么都不知道吗?I told him to stop cuz it’s not worth talking to the piece of garbage like you! Stupid! Idiot! No wonder Kev wants to get away from here! ไอ้เหี้ย! ไอ้ควาย! ไอ้ชาติชั่ว!”

Maek laughed loudly from the back. He must be the one who taught him these swear words. Min was laughing, too. Khru Ui had just reached the three guys and she was trying to stop them from fighting.

“Khru Ui, I don’t understand how you could do these to students! Complete madness.” Angrily, Chun told Khru Ui.

“เขาไม่เข้าใจว่าเราทำอย่างนี้กับเด็กได้ยังไง อุ้ย” Khru Chanchai translated. “ก็จริงนะ แสดงว่าผมสอนดี เคฟเข้าใจวัฒนธรรมตะวันตก และน้องเขาก็คงรู้อยู่แล้ว”

“แต่มันเป็นวัฒนธรรมที่เลวร้ายนะครู เราจะไปชื่นชมยินดีได้ยังไง”

“You have to open your eyes, Jirayu.” Khru Chanchai calmly explained. “More than a billion people say their culture is fine, but ours is bad.”

Out of the view, Khru Latdawan directed other students to their classrooms. Toek then spoke to me.

“You changed him.”


“Kev has never done anything like this. He changed because of you.”

Let’s make this school German school, Kevin’s voice resurfaced from my memory.


I did not understand this. How could I change him? But he refused to explain more about it. Logically concluded, yes, he changed after I came here. But why?