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Chapter 29 Anyone of Us

posted Jun 13, 2017, 7:54 PM by Ratinan Lee   [ updated Jul 19, 2017, 6:02 PM ]


Anyone of Us

—Mík Jansìrì—

It was Saturday... the concert was over, and I was free. I met Thī at the cinema just for a lunch together.

Yeah! Thī said it was just for a lunch, but I knew it must be something more than a lunch. And when we started eating our Japanese-style fried chicken rice, he started the conversation.

"Can you completely forget her now? I want to tell you something about Pɔ̄i."

"Yeah, I kept myself busy practicing music just to forget it," said I. The soup was nice and I loved it. I believed that most kids in Bangkok loved Japanese food due to its great taste. And well, it's healthy! That's why Japanese people lived older than us.

"Well... she already dumped another guy within a week."


"She dumps the guy after she gets something she wants. This is her Hi5 account!"

Thī gave me the printouts of Pɔ̄i's Hi5 pages. I did not have Hi5 account, so I had never known this before. The first image was from last year, showing Pɔ̄i with an undergrad from a nearby university. She got a new phone. The handwriting on the paper said: already deleted.

The next two pieces of paper were similar. The fourth piece dated last week, it was another guy from a nearby school, he bought her a new necklace. All of them had the handwritten note: already deleted.

Except the last one. It was only a status post, read "It's nice to be single!". This one was yesterday.

"So, she is single again?"

"You have not yet had sex with her, right?"


"She had sex with more than twenty guys in exchange for new gadgets."

I was shocked.

"This can happen to anyone of us, Mík, all you have to do is to accept the truth and recover from it. I'll always be by your side, bro."

After the lunch, I met Phûeng by chance there. She asked me for a short private conversation. Thī had no choice but to walk away.

"I'm sorry, Phûeng."

I said.

"It's ok, Mík. This can happen to anyone. Pɔ̄i's dangerous. Many other guys had been dumped by her just after she got the gadgets. You have not yet bought something for her, right?"

I shook my head instead of saying "no".

"That's nice," said Phûeng, delightfully.

"Luckily, I have not yet given her the rings."


"I bought a pair of rings, cheap ones," answered I.

Phûeng smiled. "Lucky."