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Chapter 25 Bathing Naked

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Bathing Naked

—Lǐ Chūn—

"Ok... 九個月 (Ok... Nine months)"

"Well, since Gāo Wén has to go back until he graduates, I think I'd better have fun with him for a few days. I don't have to go to school anyway," it was a very nice idea of mine.

"Then, just tell me when you needs to go back. I'll book the flight for you," dad told Gāo Wén.

"Thank you, CEO Lǐ," said Gāo Wén.

"Tony, I go back first," said Masha. "I'm so tired. I need some more sleep."

"Mā, wait a sec!"

"Wén-wén, aren't you going out with Chūn?"


"You'd better stay here few more days. I'll be here this evening, come back to have dinner together, érzi."

"Alright, mā."

I left home with Gāo Wén at around 10 am. The weather was very nice and sunny. In my white Mercedes, we talked about our destinations. I wanted to take him to Xiàngshān but Chūn wanted to go to Běitóu. Well, Xiàngshān was very close. The mountain there was far enough and high enough for taking a perfect photograph of the tallest and famous Taipei 101 Building. Běitóu is further away to the north of the city. The town there was famous for hot springs. Anyway, most of the public hot springs there started to prohibit visitors to bath naked. Except for some private and expensive ones.

"I thought people from Thailand won't be naked in front of anyone else," I started the conversation after I stepped into the hot spring bath. It was the private luxurious indoor one.

"I don't care. I want to come here, so I don't have any other choices but to be naked here." Gāo Wén answered in a very flat tone. "And well, mine is not that small, why should I be shy?"

"You're right." And yes, his one was not that small although it was not erected. He was so...

"Anyway, Chūn, I think... since you already know that he loves you more than my mom, it should be ok if you allow them to get married."

He seriously said.

"Then we will be brothers."

"I don't care, having you as my brother is not bad, though. Last night I was thinking very hard. All I want is to come back to Taiwan. I just don't care who will marry my mom or who will be my stepfather. That's all I want to say."

"Gāo Wén, you are right from your side. But... I don't want anyone to replace my mom," said I.

"Listen to me, Chūn. My mom is not replacing your mom," Gāo Wén declared. "Your mom is your mom. Mine is mine. She can only be your stepmother, not your mom. Do you understand?"

It was true, too!

"I will think about it."

Nice... The conversation should not be like this. We should have talked about something fun. So, I needed to find some other topics to talk.

"Well, what do you like to do when you're free?"

Gāo Wén was surprised a little bit since I changed the topic so sudden. Then he answered, "read books, watch films".

"Wow! Are you a bookworm?"

"Yeah. I am."

"What kind of books do you like?"

"Well, mostly documentary. I liked technology but also liked culture and history. How about you?"

"Me? Oh, I like sports, cycling, hiking. That's why I wanted to take you to Xiàngshān. The view from the top of the mountain there is one of the best of the city. You have to go there. Maybe we can go together later."


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