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Chapter 23 The Call

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The Call

—Thátchai Kānjànáwát—

"Hello, Thátchai!" greeted Tṓek.

"Umm... Yeah! What's up?" I greeted him back.

"Do you think that there is a way to alleviate the problems between Jì and Kev?" asked him. But well, the question, to me, is very easy to answer.

"No! They are from the different world," I answered him. "Like matters and anti-matters that explode when in contact."

"Wow! your example is so scientific."

"Like you!"

And then, Jì shouted from the front of the class. "Hey! Move! Move! We have to go to the library. Khrū Thátsàwan is gonna assign us something there."

"Wow, it's time already? I thought we still have time," I said.

"Oh, yeah. It's 1:30 already," said Tṓek.

We departed for the library on the third floor. It was a small library with less than a thousand books. Anyway, the tables are enough for about two hundred students. The topic of today's Social Science class was Human Rights in South East Asia, and Khrū Thátsàwan wanted us to understand how we behaved, so she assigned us to write an essay.

"Bad books, but some are usable," said Kev when he arrived back from the shelf with four books. I had only one.

"This is the History of Siam, this is Singapore, and this is Malaysia... This is the Modern History of Thailand... umm..."

I looked around. Mostly, guys shared one book and read together quietly. Some guys were still finding books, with zero in hand. Girls, generally, found their own ones.

"Will you read them all?"

"Haha! Thátchai... I think he already read them all," said Tṓek.

"Yeah! I only need bibliographic details of these books. By the way, I think I would include self-experience also." Kev explained, and then he stood up and walked toward the small shelf to return the books.

He wrote the references in APA format without having to look at the template or examples!

He came back with one book. "I thought I would never find this one. Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

"Universal... what?" I had never heard it.

"Universal Declaration of Human Rights - It's the Declaration that people agreed not to violate human rights. Thai ancestors had already accepted this Declaration when Thailand joined UN so we have to follow. Anyway, it seems like not many people follow it."

"He talks about it for so many times already, Thátchai." Tṓek laughed. I could not remember anything. Anyway, I thought it was the same Declaration that Tṓek mentioned in the Show before he fell.

Kev spent about twenty minutes writing the essay. Tṓek could not finish it in time, he said that he already had all data he needed. I could not yet understand what was actually the topic. Kev handed in the paper. Tṓek returned the books and continued writing a bit before dismissal. But most of us could not even start writing.

When we exited the library, Kev's phone rang. And he answered in Chinese.

"FUCK IT!" That was the only thing I could understand.

He hung up the phone and ran toward our classroom. He grabbed his school bag and ran toward Social Science Department Office. I followed.

"Khrū Ûi! I need to go to Tái Běi (Taipei) right now! I have to leave my bag for several days here!" He told Khrū Thátsàwan. I walked closer to them.

"What happened?" I asked.

"Yeah, it's school time and you have classes." Khrū Thátsàwan added.

"Family business!" He answered while taking his Taiwanese passport out of his bag. "I have to stop my mom! She's going to marry another guy and replacing me by Lǐ Chūn."

"Ok, so you are going to the airport now?"

"Yes, just purchased the ticket to Tái Běi," said Kev, so his phone call was about purchasing a ticket? It was so unbelievable. His destination was Taipei, not Chīang Mài!

"Wait, are you going to Thaipē?" Min stepped into the office.

"Tái Běi, to be exact. It's not Thai city."

"Whatever! Then what about the classes?"

"Ku tak tahu liao, 要走了, ok?! (I don't know, have to go now, ok?!)" He mixed two or more languages again. Luckily, these terms were frequently used so we understood.

"Ok, I'll give you the clearance to leave school, wait a minute." Khrū Thátsàwan walked toward the cabinet at the back of the office and took a form out of it.

Kev rushed to the school's front gate right after he got the document from Khrū Thátsàwan. His school bag was left behind. I followed closely.

"When will you come back?"

"I don't know. Maybe, I won't come back at all."

"No! Why!?"

"I don't belong here, you know," said Kev.

"But ..."

"Ok, I'll come back. I still need to fix something that went wrong here."

"Where are you going?" The security guard asked us at the gate.

"I have a document here, Khrū Thátsàwan already signed, you can check with her," Kev said.

"But I'm not going anywhere," said I.

"Then, what are you doing here? Go back to the class if you are not the lizard[1]," the guard spoke very rudely.

"Hey! Why did you speak like that!?" Kev was the first to respond.

"Not your business!"

"APOLOGIZE HIM!" Kev grabbed his shirt.

I was very afraid. "It's ok, Kev. Stop it! I'm going back to the class."

"We are all equal, you're not human if you can't understand this!" Kev punched him once. "Considered said."

Wicked! I was very impressed. But well, I could not say it out. If the guard told other people, it could reach my father easily.

"Thátchai, I gotta go!"

I was silent. I could not say anything at all. Anything at all.

[1] Hī̂a (lit. lizard) is a swear word if used to mention people.

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