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Chapter 22 The Deal

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The Deal

—Mík Jansìrì—

I did not know that it would be this bad. Phûeng did not come to school, again. I really felt sorry about what I did yesterday. It was so terrible. How could she know this situation and went back home before she arrived? Or she was actually ill and took medical leave?

"Phûeng is now in the Student Disciplinary Office with her guardian."

Thī said when he arrived at his desk. He sat down and brought out a book to read. It was an English novel that we had to read. I was already done with it.

"Really? What could happen to her?"

"How could I know?! Mík, if you did it, you should apologize her." Thī seriously said. "This was too much."

"So you still believe that it was me?"

"Phûeng is relatively new in this class, she just moved in this year. So... I can't think of any other people who can attack her this way," Thī said. "She told me Pɔ̄i is a whore. Then someone put the flyers everywhere saying Phûeng is a whore. Can it be someone else?"


"I have to tell you... Phûeng likes you! She requested to move to Social Science Program because of you."

I stood up, exited the classroom, ran down the stairs toward the Student Disciplinary Office. I looked from the outside.

"These are some of the photographs I took yesterday," said P'Kev. He handed a sheet of A4 paper with photographs printed on it to Khrū Thátsàwan and Khrū Látdāwan. There were two more people in the meeting room inside the Office, Phûeng and one woman. She must be her guardian.

"So, could you please help stop the rumors and announce the truth? Thank you very much," said the woman.

"Sure, khun pā̂[1], we will do our best to solve this issue. We apologize for any bad situations that happened yesterday. We will improve the way we discipline our students."

Khrū Thátsàwan spoke humbly.

Phûeng's aunt exited the room and walked toward the school's parking lots. Phûeng followed her. "Thank you for coming, pā̂," said Phûeng.

"You have to talk to me when you have problems at the school, ok?"

"Ok, pā̂." After Phûeng promised, her aunt got into the car and drove out from sight.

"Phûeng...," said I. "I'm sorry."

But Phûeng pretended that she did not hear it. I followed...

"Mík! Want to confess?" P'Kev called me from behind.

"Yes, phī̂. It was me. You can inform the teachers, I will confess."

"I won't inform. It's not my business."

He left immediately. Leaving me alone at the car park.

The morning assembly was much better than yesterday. The school copied the photos and posted on the notice boards announcing that Phûeng was, in fact, the singer. Khrū Látdāwan also announced that any students could go there any evening and watch her performance. Moreover, anyone from our school would also get 20% discount for dinner worth 500 bahts or over. Her aunt was so smart. By doing this, she could save Phûeng very effectively and also could increase her restaurant's income.

"Thī," I called him after the assembly. "Yes, I did it."


[1] As explained earlier, pā̂ means aunt. The word khun (คุณ) in Thai is added to make it more polite.

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