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Chapter 20 Whore?

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—Thī Wārīkìt—

I came to school just to see people gathered around the notice boards. Every notice board. Hey! Thī! Have you ever tried her? A classmate asked me. Tried? Who? I did not understand it, so I stepped a little bit close to read the flyers on the board. PHÛENG?!?!?! No! She's not! I did not believe it. Phûeng was a ... No! That was not true.


"No... I won't believe this."

I stepped out of the crowd and dialed Phûeng's number.

"Phûeng! Where are you?"

"Still on my way to school."

"Go back! Quickly go back home!"

"What happened?"

"Someone was trying to defame you. Now everyone thinks you're a whore."

"Whore? What?! Never!"

"Yeah, I trust you, but now I think you are better off if you go back home first," I yelled.


Phûeng made her way back, so she did not have to face the situation here. Now, the only suspect that I could think of was Mík. But I did not know anything for sure.

"Mík, did you do it?" I asked him when he arrived at his desk.

"What? About Phûeng? Suspect me?"

Of course, he did not admit it. I did not want to hear the truth also. During the morning assembly, Látdāwan prohibited anyone from talking about this and ordered the removal of all the flyers. That was nice. But I believed that the teachers must prepare something for Phûeng when she came to school.

And then I met P'Kev at the corridor in front of my classroom. I did not know him very well but he must have recognized me because Mík and I were close friends.

"Hi. You're Phûeng's close friend, right?"

"Yes, phī̂," answered I.

He smiled. "Good. I'm Kevin. I think I saw Phûeng at the hotel's restaurant. Can you confirm that?"

"I don't know, phī̂. I'm still confused. I knew she works somewhere with her aunt but... I don't think that she... works... you know."

"She's not coming today, right?" He continued asking me.

"I called her and told her to get back home already."

"Alright, this evening I will go to the hotel to find some evidence."

"Thank you, phī̂."

"Nah... For Phûeng, not for you."

Then he walked away... slowly. How could he know so many things? I did not think that I could know but he was just so genius.

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