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Chapter 19 The Truth

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The Truth

—Phûeng Sàwā̀ngmē̂k—

I was so upset this morning. I was in the classroom with Thī, working on the group work and Mík was absent. "So terrible. He just can't do it, you see?"

"Hey! You have to wait it out. Time will cure him, Phûeng," Thī told me.

It was last week when he was dumped by Pɔ̄i. Now, he was still hurt. It was too much so that I could not concentrate when we were working on our homework.

"Thī, I wanna ask you something. What in girls do guys like?"

"Face, breast, ... nothing else until... we can have ... something together[1]."

"Stupid! Why boys are so stupid like this!!!"

"Wait! What's wrong? I don't see anything wrong."

"Ok... You are looking at things from the outside, not the inside, that's why. If Mík sees Pɔ̄i from the inside, I don't think that he would fall in love with her at all," said I.

"Wait... that's not right!" Thī yelled. "Pɔ̄i was the one who fancied Mík because he is a guitarist. She did everything to get close to him, and when he started to love her, she gets further away."

"What?" I did not want to believe this.

"October last year, he played at the Cinema, you remember? That was the first time Pɔ̄i approached Mík. She was very good and they were happy... And then she started to demand more and more."

That was the first time I knew about this couple. I was studying in another class last year so we did not really know each other. But, I knew Pɔ̄i. "So Mík is one another victim."


"Mostly Pɔ̄i seduces guys to fall for her. And when she gets whatever she wants, mostly only sex, money, or new mobile phone, then she breaks up. You know, right? That there are so many girls who use their body to seduce boys... offer sex and get money."

"I see... then Mík was the first one she could not seduce," Thī recalled the past. "I thought she got a crush on him so she approached him that day. And then she started to come more often."

It was so surprised to hear this.

"Then it was a revenge."


"If a target doesn't fall for her, Pɔ̄i would only make it harder to forget her when she dumps him."

Girls like Pɔ̄i were everywhere. Boys with real love and ready to give would be their easy preys. And then I saw Mík. He walked so slowly to his desk in the class, which is beside Thī's. And well, behind me. I greeted him.

"Mík... Good morning, and can you smile?"


"Phûeng, that's too rush," Thī calmly spoke.

"Well... Thī, can you tell him what I just said. I don't think I can do anything to help him."

I turned back from him. Mík was not my close friend, so I could not say anything more. Although I wanted to help, he would only deny.

"Mík... listen to me, you should stop thinking of Pɔ̄i. She is a bitch. She sold... sex... for money. And because you are..."

"Stop talking like that! She's not like what you just said!"

From behind me, Mík yelled. Everyone in the class stopped what they were doing and stared at the pair. I decided to walk away from the scene.

It should not be like that, Thī. It was too fast and too early. Mík could now know I talked to Thī about this and then... maybe he would now try to revenge me because I told Thī that Pɔ̄i was a bitch. Boys were stupid. Really stupid if it was about... love.


[1] Have something (มีอะไรกัน) means having sex.

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