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Chapter 17 The Taiwanese Boys

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The Taiwanese Boys

—Kevin Chen—

Finally, the results were out. I was not punished because Jì was the one who started hitting me and my response was just stepped away. Because of the buttons, that was one of the big reason. When he fell, he grabbed not only my earpieces' wire but also my shirt. It was really hurt when my shirt was pulled. I could not breathe. Jì was not punished, too. Látdāwan was so angry about me being innocent so she demanded Jì being innocent, too. Otherwise, Sàk's secrets would be publicized on the school's notice board. Consequently, Sàk said Jì was innocent, and that's it. It was just politics. Látdāwan already called Tṓek's mother to come to school tomorrow and his disciplinary scores would be deducted.

But he was at the hospital!

Látdāwan was so cruel!

It was hard enough to study in Thailand's education system. Why they wanted us to participate in that stupid activity?

Tomorrow, I would interrupt it.

After class dismissal, I went to the MC Pā̀kkrèt again just to buy a new white shirt for Kɔ́p. And at the same time, I also had to deny Min who kept calling me, asking me to go to visit Tṓek.

"Nah... I can't go. I have my own business. I'll go later."

I hung up. One hour was very fast, I did not recognize that I spent this very long time selecting a new shirt and waiting for the seamstress to have the school's logo and Kɔ́p's name on the shirt. And as I walked toward the exit, something went terribly wrong.

A construction tool from the bridge was falling fast to the ground and the car was hit! The driver lost control of his car. I did not know what it was. It must be something with a handle. It was too fast for me to recognize it. And then I saw that the car was going directly toward a guy who was reading something in his notebook.

I ran to him and pushed him out of the way!


The car came to a stop when it hit the cinema building. Injured? I checked myself and the one I helped. Ok? He nodded. Come quickly, help the driver! The cinema's security staffs rushed to the scene and took the driver out of the vehicle. You guys, need some help? One of them ran toward us. I think I only need a bandage. He nodded. Wait right here, I'll come back for you. The cinema was owned by a private company. Everything was very nice and the staffs were helpful. If this case occurred at the government office, everything must be so chaotic. And yes, it was so chaotic before. Luckily, I was not at the scene that time.

"天啊!噢!謝謝你。(Oh my God! Hey, thank you.) Thanks for saving my life. Ah! Thailand's very dangerous." He spoke in Mandarin but suddenly changed to English.

"噢,沒錯啊。(Oh, right) Thailand's dangerous," I admitted.

"你會說漢語?好了!請問你知道這個酒店嗎?(You can speak Mandarin? Nice! Do you know this hotel?)" He showed me his notebook with a hotel name.

"Yes, I can take you there," I answered in Mandarin. "But after I get the bandage from the security staff. Do you need anything?"

"No, I'm ok." He said. "It was my luck that you saved me. You are the first person in Thailand to speak Mandarin to me, too."

Oh! How about English? Most people here never wanted to use foreign languages.

The nurse from the clinic inside the cinema came to us and the ambulance from the hospital nearby arrived. We were in the downtown, and the hospital was just a few blocks away. They moved the driver to the ambulance so quickly. And the nurse checked the cut on my palm, put some alcohol and medicine before covered it with a bandage.

"You're ok now. And how about you?" The nurse turned to the foreigner. And then, I just realized that the camera man took a photo of us. A reporter had arrived.

"你真的沒事嗎?(You're really ok, right?)" I translated for him. And when he nodded, I answered the nurse. "He's ok, thank you very much."

The nurse left us and we walked out of the scene. And then, the police arrived. They were always the last guy to arrive at the scene. Thai police were never efficient.

We needed to walk very far to take a taxi because the accident closed the traffic on the main artery of the downtown. And when we arrived at the bus stop on Tìwānon Road, I called a taxi.

"It's ok, I'll take you there. My home is nearby." I told him.

"哦對了,我叫李春(My name is Lǐ Chūn.)" He introduced himself.

"陳高文。你好!(Chén Gāo Wén. Hello!)" I introduced, and we shook hands.


"你是不是在這裡學高學?(You are studying high school here, aren't you?)" asked Chūn.


"But your name is in Mandarin."

"Yes. My dad is Overseas Chinese. My mom is Taiwanese. I'm half-blood."

"Wow! I'm Taiwanese, too! Nice to meet you."

"That's your hotel. Not far, right?"

"Hey! I'll pay for the taxi and you come with me. I want to treat you dinner."

"Don't need to treat me," said I.

"Nah... don't deny it, please. You saved my life."

"Ok..." I finally accepted the invitation, but when the taxi stopped, I saw a girl from my school in PE uniform, white with blue collar, walked into a hotel with a man. "I think I know that girl..."

"From the same school as yours?"


He treated me with a dinner at the hotel. And what I knew from him was that he came here to find the son of his soon-to-be-stepmother with the hope that the two sons will be able to ruin his father's wedding. And before I left, he asked for my phone number ... just in case.

"我怎麼可能給你電話如果你是她的兒子!?(How could I call you if you are her son!?)" He cried.

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