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Chapter 16 Live

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JC Müller

München, Present Time

"This song just became famous online. I think you have to listen to it. This song is for a girl called JC."

"Not JC Müller for sure, Jane."

I did not want anyone to bother me when I worked on my thesis, so I continued working on it. In this dorm room, there were only Jane and me. With one shared bathroom and the common pantry outside for the whole floor.

"Hey, do you know why it's famous?"


"Because the song consists of four different languages: singer's mother tongue, his lover's mother tongue, the language they used together, and the language the singer has to use today. And his lover's mother tongue is German," said Jane.

"So that JC is German," I concluded. "There could be so many German JC girl." Although there could be a thousand JC girls in Germany, I kept thinking about Kevin Chen because he was the only guy I knew who could do this. Moreover, he loved composing songs.

"I see... Well, he said that he wrote this song seven years ago. He just found the lyrics when he went back home in Taipei so he recorded it."

Seven years ago? I was a sophomore. And Taipei? There was only one Taiwanese guy in my life, Kevin Chen, again. I remembered in that year I met Kevin Chen who came back from Taipei for his paternal grandfather's funeral. We had lunch together at Siam Paragon, the luxurious shopping mall in the heart of Bangkok. And Kevin was very sad. He said that he could not forget me.

Well, when I was thinking about that year, Jane turned on the song from her MacBook...

Jika esok ku hilang, dengar permintaanku
Lassen Sie ihn mit euch. Ich will dich nicht schuld. Danke für alles
Jika esok ku akan menjadi kenanganmu
คิดถึงทีไรมันก็เจ็บ ก็ช้ำไปทั้งใจ ไม่อยากให้เธอเดียวดาย
我只要對你今天說 "ich liebe dich"

"Who's the singer? Kevin Chen?" I asked her immediately. The latest update I heard from Min about him was that he was in Singapore and Malaysia. He was Taiwanese so he used Mandarin. And we used Thai when we were together in Thailand.

"So the girl he loves is you," concluded by Jane. "JC, don't you want to greet our friends who are watching our Live?"

"What Live?" I moved my swivel chair toward Jane for the first time and found out that she was taking a video and broadcast it on Facebook Live. I pushed the chair back to my desk and checked my phone. Jane Schmidt is live now: Find out who is Kevin's JC. 2 minutes ago

Hillary Kohler: JC! Rush your thesis and fly back to him!

There were more than 1,000 people viewing it. And people kept commenting under the Live video.

Prof M. Brandt: If you want to fly now, let me know. I'll extend the deadline for your thesis.

"Professor Brandt is also watching?" Jane was very famous in town, so many people followed her.

The number of viewers rose to 2,000 people now.

Pàwīnā Khwǎnkhḕt: ในที่สุดก็ "หากันจนเจอ" นะ เจซี (Finally, both of you can "find each other"[2], JC)

Pā̂eng was also watching, I remembered her name, Pàwīnā! And I just found out that the link to this Facebook Live was posted as the comment of the original video!

"Professor Brandt, I'll go after submitting the thesis. Don't need to extend for me. And you, Jane, stop this!"

"Ok, so now the world's mystery is solved. The girl Kevin Chen loves is our JC! Hooray!"

The live video ended. Finally. Everything was back to normal and I continued with my thesis. I had to write what I had done in the lab first. Tomorrow, it would be the time to analyze everything in the lab because my laptop computer was not strong enough. And well, I also had to meet Professor Brandt.

After I submitted the thesis and finished the defense, I posted a photo on my Facebook wall. It was a photo of an airline ticket from MUC to LHR. Yes, the destination was LHR, not SIN.


[1] The idea of this song came from this song: Artist: TANK; Title「如果我變成回憶」(Rúguǒ Wǒ Biàn Chéng Huíyì; If I become a memory), 2010. Meaning:

[Indonesian] Jika esok ku hilang, dengar permintaanku
- If tomorrow I would be disappeared, please listen to my request.

[German] Lassen Sie ihn mit euch. Ich will dich nicht schuld. Danke für alles
- Let him stay by your side, I will not blame you. Thank you for everything.

[Thai] จำเอาไว้แค่เพียงว่าฉันรักเธอเสมอสุดหัวใจ
- Just remember that I love you from the bottom of my heart.

[Mandarin] 我真的很想對你說
- I really want to tell you.

[Indonesian] Jika esok ku akan menjadi kenanganmu
- If tomorrow I will be only in your memory.

[Thai] คิดถึงทีไรมันก็เจ็บ ก็ช้ำไปทั้งใจ ไม่อยากให้เธอเดียวดาย
- When I think of it, I am hurt, so hurt. I do not want to let you feel lonely.

[Mandarin] 如果我明天真的不再在你的身邊
- If tomorrow I really cannot be by your side.

[Mandarin / German] 我只要對你今天說 "ich liebe dich"
- I really want to tell you that "I love you".

[2] หากันจนเจอ (Finally found each other) is the title of a famous song in Thailand. Pā̂eng used the song's title in her sentence.

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