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Chapter 13 Horizon

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—Kɔ́p Wíbūnsàkun—

This morning was so chaotic. Although Kev and I woke up early, but since there were more people using the same number of bathrooms, we had to swap the positions. When Kev was brushing his teeth, I showered, and vice versa. And because of the rain last night, Kev's boxer was wet. Although I offered him my underwear (without any intention to take it back), he refused.

And finally, after a quick bite of sandwiches and a glass of milk, we departed for school. Kev went straight for his classroom but I wanted to go to the canteen first. This was clearly the difference between our lifestyles. Kev's major was Science-Mathematics, while mine was Social Science. I had rarely experienced a stressful environment, but Kev had to face it every single day.

"Hey, Kɔ́p, this way!"

My classmate, Phét, who sat alone in a very crowded canteen, called me after I bought some snacks.

"Hi," I greeted him.

"Well, I heard from Banchā that we don't have to join in the morning assembly today."

It was strange. But since I already saw the vans and trucks, I could guess the reason. "Is it related to the TV show? Do we need to join its activity?"


We finished our snacks in a few minutes and walked toward the classroom. Before we reached the second floor, we heard a loud noise.


It was the president of class 9, again, who yelled this loud. Let me guess, he wanted his class to be ready first at the auditorium. And Kev would say he had rights to spend the last ten minutes he had anywhere in the school. Same old logic!

And then the teacher cannot punish anyone. And then the losers were actually the teachers at the Student Disciplinary Office. In fact, the guilty one was Jì, who had no rights to force anyone to do anything before the morning assembly, during the break, or after class dismissal. The problem was that Jì did something the teachers wanted every student to follow.

Thailand... The dictatorship was still in power.

I ran up to the second floor to see everything.

I knew Kev was pretending that he did not hear anything. He was listening to the song from his MP3 player.

Then the class president caught him.

"You're going the wrong way!" He grabbed Kev's headphones and threw them away before shouted right beside Kev's right ears.

"Mind your business," Kev responded in a very cold voice.

"Going to the auditorium is your business!" Jì yelled. "Otherwise, I’ll report."

"Then report... But I warn you that you should review the agreement first. Being a student here... I don't have to listen to anything not mentioned in the syllabus."

If reviewed by a good investigator, the school director, Sàk, would be punished for sure. The practice was very common in Thailand, and so everyone seemed to forget the agreement they wrote or signed. Kev was the only one who reviewed it and understood it very well. The agreement did not ask any students to do this.

"This is extra-curriculum activity. Students must agree to do themselves, no teachers can force us to do. This is in the agreement we signed. If the teacher forces us, then I'd call the police." Kev declared... not so loud, but heard by more than a hundred along the corridor. "Remember! If one student disagrees, the teachers must provide normal lectures during the school hours, or open the school gates so students can go home!

"Moreover, forcing students to attend the extra-curriculum activities violates human rights. I can file this case to the International Human Rights Watch! And I can also post this incident online with audio or video files so that Thailand fails the next Human Rights Review because this clearly violates Universal Declaration of Human Rights."

This nation is said to be democratic.

What I felt was that Thailand has never been democratic but under the rule of the evil leader.

Good extra-curriculum activities also existed. Khrū Chānchai announced that he organized an English camp in Singapore or some other nearby countries in every April. It costs approximately 35,000 baht to participate. Limited seats. First come, first serve. Haha... Khrū Chānchai... He was one of the greatest because he was in Foreign Languages Department. If he was stupid, then he must face problems working with native English teachers.

"You have no rights to say that!" Jì's knowledge was so poor. Of course, I knew the Universal Declaration of Human Rights or UDHR. Thailand joined the United Nations half a century ago, and UDHR was in the package that we needed to accept and follow. Anyway, most adults, especially the teachers, pretended to forget.

"According to UDHR, I have rights."

"You are just a kid, you have to listen to adults."

So Thai...

"I have to listen to rules and laws..." Kev smiled. "And now the teachers here in this school are about to break the rules, the school rules, they wrote themselves earlier."

"Alright! I'll report this to teachers, to Khrū Látdāwan."

"Is that bitch still worth being called a teacher? No one announced about the activity earlier. This is not a good governance. This is not transparent! People working like this should be fired. And since there are tons of people working the same way like them, that's why Thailand can never be developed!"



Two seconds later, the class president was lying on the floor. It was a second after Kev stepped away from his fist. Jì lost his balance and fell down himself but he also grabbed Kev's wire that connected his phone to earpieces. The wire was pulled out and now fell on the floor, leaving the phone to shout directly from its speaker.

And all people nearby heard the famous rock song...

ขอบฟ้า ต้องกลายเป็นเขาที่พาไป ทุกสิ่งที่ฝันกันเอาไว้
จบแล้วไม่เหลือสักอย่าง ฉันทำได้เพียงแค่เท่านี้
มาส่งเธอได้แค่ครึ่งทาง พรุ่งนี้ไม่มีแล้วเธอ
ต้องกลายเป็นเขาที่พาไป ทุกสิ่งที่ฝันกันเอาไว้
จบแล้วไม่เหลือสักอย่าง ฉันทำได้เพียงแค่เท่านี้
มาส่งเธอได้แค่ครึ่งทาง ก็คงต้องยอมรับมัน

And one more thing to note... two buttons fell out of my shirt!

"Kev! My shirt!"

"Sorry... I'll buy a new one for you," he said normally like nothing had happened.


[1] Artist: Bodyslam; Title: ขอบฟ้า (Khɔ̄̀p Fā́; Horizon), 2005.

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