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Chapter 12 Our Class President

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Our Class President

—Máek Wínailō̂et—

"Hey! Where did you go last night?" Min asked Kev right after he reached his desk in class. "I was waiting to ask you about the English homework."

I agreed, he must be online every night when we had English homework.

"And well... this is not your shirt," I grabbed his shirt and checked the name. "Kāntànát Wíbūnsàkun? Who is this guy?"

"It's Kɔ́p. I was not at home last night," answered Kev. "I lost my wallet yesterday and my bà was away."

"So you..."

"I met him by chance when I realized that I lost my wallet. So he offered me his help, that's all."

Kev suddenly walked toward where JC, Pā̂eng, and Tṓek were talking together. I saw JC gave him a wallet, so they must be together yesterday when he lost it. Oh! And Pā̂eng was upset. How could this be possible? Kev teased her? Wait... And Tṓek also teased her? What was happening in front of my eyes?

"Ok, I got it. All keys, all money... nothing was missing." Kev put his wallet back into his pocket. "So how's your English homework? Let me help."

Kev was kind. He helped me and Min to finish our homework quickly. Then, Jìrāyú, our class president, suddenly appeared in front of the class and yelled very loudly, ordered us to go to the auditorium for an activity.

"It's boring."

Kev said before he bent down for the back exit, trying to hide when he got out of the room.

"Hey! Wait!"

Kev was already out silently, but Min, who was also wanted to skip the activity, was too late.

"What are you doing, Min?" Jì asked.

"I'm going to the toilet."

"You have no time left. You have to go to the auditorium right now!"

"It's another ten minutes before the morning assembly. Shouldn't these ten minutes be our free time before we meet in the auditorium?" Min replied, and the content was somehow like how Kev used to use.

Think logically? It was true. Think culturally? It was f*** terrible.

"You have to get there first so we can impress the teachers!"

Again. All he wanted to do was to impress the teachers. And that was all in his brain. He was one of the worst in academic, so he must work on something else to cover his poor academic performance. I felt that he was looking right at our desks, there were full of English books and dictionaries.

"English homework's there, but Kàwin's not here?"

When he realized, he headed to the corridor, tried to catch his enemy. Although his academic performance was very poor, he knew how to catch Kev very well.

"Stop there! Kàwin!"

Kev's real name was Chén Gāo Wén, where Chén was his surname, the so-called Xìng[1]. The name Kàwin was his Thai name, the name Kev's father was trying to register but always failed. It was known to us when his father was at the parents' meeting and accidentally called Kev by that name.

When someone used that name, Kev never responded. This was not his name.


Something fun was happening... Usually, Kevin would use his logics to fight back, and Jì would only scold him. And well, many people would form a wall around them to prevent any other passer-by from getting too close to the two erupting volcanoes.


[1] Xìng (Chinese: 姓; Thai: แซ่) means Chinese surname. It is placed in front of the first name.

[2] Ai-hī̂a (ไอเหี้ย) is used like a title before the name but in a very negative way. Alternatively, Ai-chī̂a (ไอเชี่ย) is also used.

A/N This sudden activity was the true story of mine in 2002 when every student was forced to join it. Instead of learning, we had to sit down on the floor watching the show and pretend to be enjoying it so the cameras could capture us for the show's benefit. It was for the program called Channel 9 Cartoon. The people who got benefits are the school and the TV show. For students like us, those who liked the show loved it, but for those who hated Pokemon and other animes, felt bored, betrayed, etc. Some people, although liked animes, but hated to watch a stupid show like this, because animes are 2D on the screen, not 3D played by stupid adults.

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