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Chapter 11 The Girl in the Photo

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The Girl in the Photo

—Pā̂eng Khwǎnkhḕt—

"Since it was wrong, then you should apologize him," I told JC. This morning she was really upset about what happened yesterday. JC thought Kev really saw her underwear, but yesterday she was wearing the white one, not pink. And still, she refused to apologize him. But Kev was not a person to say something like this...


"Up to you," said I, "but you have to remember that you have no rights to scold him again."

"Why!?!? He teased me!" JC was a little bit more upset.

"Because he teased you yesterday, and you already scolded him yesterday. It was over." I turned my attention back to my Physics homework.

"You're right..." Finally, JC calmed down.

I finished one last question and turned my attention back to JC. "Were you from girl's school?"

"No," answered JC. "I was from international school, but I rarely talk to boys."

"So that's the problem. You have to understand them because we are in the same society. You have to talk to boys and work with them. What Kev did was so normal. At least, if you think positive, he was trying to make you feel comfort since you're very new here."

"You are trying to tell me that he was..."

"Kev is not the guy who tease girls this way. He must have some reasons behind it. Otherwise, he really likes you."

"Hello, girls..." Tṓek greeted us. "Who likes JC?"

"Why is it Min's shirt?" Instead of greeting him back, I asked the question. The name I could read from his white shirt was Pɔ̄rámin Ùdomkī̀at, not Thánát Wē̂twíttháyā. This could be the reason that stopped him from being online last night.

"Bio worksheet. I was doing it with Min and it was too late to get back. So... I slept with him."

He answered. Well, it was reasonable. Then, I turned back to JC, asked her whether... "Kev loves you?"

"No, how could this be possible?"

"What happened?" Tṓek interrupted. "JC and Kev...?"

"Nothing," JC stressed. And at the same time, Kev walked toward us.

He started to speak, "JC... did you see my wallet?"

I did not know anything about this.

But JC brought a black wallet out of her school bag and passed to him quietly.

Kev took it from her and said "danke." I recognized this word, danke, because JC said it yesterday. It means thank you. And then he passed Bio worksheet to her. "Do you want to recheck it?"

"No! So disgusting."

"If you think that it's disgusting, then when you have sex, this disgusting thing will get inside your body." Well said, Kev.

"I'm disgusted because of you! Not the sperms."

"So..." Then Kev changed the language to German. I did not understand...

"It's nothing about him! How could you know this!?" JC was so angry this time.

"That toy car in your bag. It's his?"

"Stop talking about that and mind your business!" JC stood up to confront him.

"Ok... Thanks, JC. And sorry about what happened yesterday." Then, Kev turned to talk to Tṓek. "It was true, the one in the photo."

"Alright, I understand everything now," Tṓek smiled.

Again... this was something I did not know again.

"Which photo?" I asked Kev.

"Not girls' business. Show me that one[1] and I'll tell you."

I pushed him away... but... wait... Kev has never been like this before. He started to change after JC joined us. So I turned to Tṓek.

"Tell me what you know."

"No... show me that one first..."

"Tṓek! You also never be like this! Didn't you shake your medicine well???[2]"

"Anything wrong?" JC asked me.

"Kev and Tṓek have never been like this. They are... prudent, smart. Not like this."

"Hey, you are gossiping me right beside my ears." Ok... I stopped gossiping...

"Let's go to the canteen. It's almost time for the morning assembly anyway," I stood up and walked away from them. The weather outside was very hot. I needed a cold cup of coke before the assembly.

As I walked away, I met Jì by chance and he told me to go to the auditorium. "There will be the activity for us. I still don't know what it is." He said.

Haha. I thought it must be the show from a TV program. Two trucks and a van were parked just outside the auditorium, with Channel 8's logo on the sides. "Comics At 8" for sure 😏. It was the TV show aired before the Japanese animes at 8:00 am on Channel 8.

"Everyone listens up," Jì announced in front of the class, "head to the auditorium now. Don't have to go to the morning assembly today!" His style... always felt like I was under Hitler's rules. I did not know how cruel Hitler was, but I believe this cruelty in his voice was as bad in this era.

JC followed me closely. "Is he always be like this?"

"Yes, but it's not his fault. He was forced to be like this by both the school and family." I smiled. "You will get used to it."


[1] There are so many ways to refer to men's private part indirectly. That one comes from ไอ้นั่น in Thai or 那個東西 in Chinese. The other words to use are จู๋ (jū̌), กะปู๋ (kàpū̌), ควย (kūai), หำ (hǎm), น้องชาย (nɔ̄́ngchāi) in Thai, or 雞巴 (jībā), 雞雞 (jījī), 小弟弟 (xiǎodìdi), 老二 (lǎo'èr) in Chinese.

[2] Didn't you shake your medicine well (กินยาเขย่าขวดมาเปล่าเนี่ย? or the Chinese counterpart 你吃錯藥了嗎 lit. You took wrong medicine) is used to describe someone who suddenly behaves strangely.

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