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Chapter 10 Unhealthy

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—Min Ùdomkī̀at—

"Finally... we're done!"

"Why are you so happy?" Tṓek asked me.

"I don't know. But, I don't wanna do this homework. Have to draw Kev's kids[1]... It's so..." Well, I just did not want to say the word disgusting. Kev was my close friend. Yes. But I felt disgusted. Nah... It was his sperms... I believed if Kev had to do something with my sperms he would also feel disgusted, too!

"Disgusted?" He could easily know. Haha. Nah, anyone could easily know.


"And that means yes," he concluded.

"Yes," I admitted it.

"Nah... You don't need to lie. I also feel somehow Kev's sperms are so disgusting. But well, isn't it normal? So, I just admit it but try not to act..."


I felt like Tṓek had just beaten me.

"Can I stay here for a while, I don't wanna go home," asked Tṓek. It was 9:30 pm, still not too late but the later, the less transportation would be available. Pā̀kkrèt was not Bangkok. Transportation was much worse.

"It's up to you. My concern is only the transportation."

"It's gonna be ok. Going back home is much worse. I also want to sleep here if possible." Oh my god... How could Tṓek say something like this? What had happened to him?

"Are you ok, Tṓek?"

"My mom never allows me to sleep early. She wants me to get more than 90% of everything with 4.00 GPA." He answered. "Last semester, I got 88%. My mom hit me like I had just committed a crime."

"Oh my god! My mom would set up a big party if I can get 88%."

Was this what Kev called it kiasu?

"So if you were me would you like to go back now?"

I shook my head hard. Never at all!

Tṓek stood up. "Can I use the toilet?"

"Sure," answered I. But when he walked toward my bedroom door, he...


He suddenly passed out. I yelled for my mom, asking whether we should send him to the hospital.

"Let him rest here for a while, he will regain consciousness soon." My mom said. "Anyway, don't let him go back home on his own. Just call bà to drive him home when he wakes up if it's not too late, ok?"

"He said he doesn't want to go back."

"Then, let him sleep here," she turned back to the door, "he's your classmate, not mine."

"You're right. I'll let him sleep here."

I turned on my desktop computer and opened MSN Messenger. The first message that I got was from Máek.

It's very weird tonight. Tṓek is not online. Everyone is asking for him... Well, how is your Bio worksheet?

I answered him. Done, with one fatality[2] in my room.


Tṓek passed out. I just know that his mom beats him if he gets less than 90% for any exams.

That's too violent!

Yeah... so, tonight he sleeps here.

And then I realized something. Kev was also offline. This was weird. Kev was a nerd, his closest friend was his computer. How could he be offline?

Well... How about another guy who's offline?

Kev? I also don't know. He was with JC at the cinema.

I switched the window to Media Player and played the song from my favorite playlist.

But, hey! Do you think that Tṓek's suffering from his genius? Asked Máek. I think he is working too hard to get better GPA. This could be worse. I heard some students were sent to Sī̌ Thanyā[3] due to stressful learning environment already. It's a rumor. But...

But we don't want Tṓek to be included in that list if it actually exists. I finished his sentence.

Well, Kev said that learning too hard for a better GPA is nothing if you cannot utilize the data and transform them into information, knowledge, skills, and income. Thai schools never offer you knowledge and skills because the government does not want people to be smart. Smart people are too difficult to control.

This was unhealthy.


[1] Although the sperms are just cells, but among Thai people, calling sperms this way is just one another easier way.

[2] The word dead here was originally the word "เดี้ยง" in Thai. Its meaning is actually "dead", but the word is popularly used to refer to those who just lost consciousness, sick, or injured.

[3] Sī̌ Thanyā Hospital is a psychiatric hospital in Nonthábùrī. The truth is that there are many students sent to this kind of hospital around Thailand because the education system is too stressful.

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