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Chapter 09 The Unexpected Visitor

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The Unexpected Visitor

—Kɔ́p Wíbūnsàkun—

It was a peaceful evening. Umm... it might not be that peaceful because the construction site nearby was so noisy. There was a bridge construction that would link Jā̂eng Wáttháná Road (the east side of Jā̂o Phráyā River) to Highway Number 304 Bāng Krūai-Bangkok (the west side), passing over downtown Pā̀kkrèt, where I stood. The traffic was very terrible. I went to a music store in the cinema near my school and bought an album of Potato[1], Sense. It was released a few months earlier, but this time I had to buy it for Music Club. When I called a taxi, someone yelled my name.


I turned to that guy. It was Kev, the guy from Cyber Club. "Kev? What's happening?!"

"Tell you later..."

I let him quickly get into the taxi and shut the door.

"Why? Why was she angry at you?"

"We... we were doing homework together but... when I... bent down to get the cup from the floor, she thought that I... saw her underwear," he difficultly finished.

"And you saw hers?"

"Of course not! I saw the toy car in her school bag instead. It was mine!"

"Wasn't that the new student who just joined us this semester?" I was so confused because of his answer.

"I knew her before. Many years ago."

"I see. So she misunderstood you. Haha! But well... Where are you heading to?"

"Oh yeah. It should be safe now. I'm heading home. Well, this is also the way to my home, let me sit here for another while."


"Let me help you pay the fare."

He reached for his wallet, and then he was shocked.

"I lost my wallet!"

He tried to search in his school bag, in the pockets, and everywhere else. Could not find it.

"Where's your home? I'll tell the driver to drop you there first." I offered help.

He hesitated.

"My keys are in the wallet. No one is at home. My bà is in Rayong. He will be back tomorrow."

"Ok... So, let's go to my place then..."

Since both of us already had dinner from outside, when we arrived, we only did our homework. Kev was studying in Science-Mathematics Program, so his homework was about three times more than mine. I saw him quickly did his homework and suddenly felt like I was an idiot, just because I did it within half an hour. And the rest will be copied from friend's in the morning.

"I can't do the rest... Don't have a textbook with me."

"You go to shower first. I'll prepare you some clothes," said I.

"You don't need to prepare, I can wear only my boxer."

"It's not good. At least you should hang your boxer outside for a night. And well, I won't let you wear my underwear, so you have to go without it anyway." I said while passing a towel to him.

"Ok, up to you, thanks," said Kev, then he walked out for a shower.

I then played the CD I bought, so I can practice the song นี่แหละความเสียใจ[2] for a show later this month.

นี่แหละคือความเสียใจ ความเสียใจมันเป็นอย่างนี้ จำซะใหม่
ต้องเจ็บจนร้องไห้โดยไม่อาย ต้องช้ำทุรนทุราย ขนาดนี้...

He showered very fast. I passed a pair of shorts and a T-shirt to him to wear for the night before I prepared for a shower.

"Do I need to adjust air-con temperature?" I asked Kev since I normally turned it to about 23 degrees Celcius or lower. "Is it too cold for you?"

I saw him smiled. "It's ok. I used to the cold Taipei weather. Twenty-three degree[3] is considered hot."

"Well, that's nice. Don't say it's too cold later."

"I was thinking about asking whether you'd mind if I wanna sleep naked."


When I went back from the shower, Kev was listening to the Chinese song.

當你孤單你會想起誰 你想不想找個人來陪
你的快樂傷悲 只有我能體會 讓我再陪你走一回

"I thought you're using your headphones."

"I'm using," replied Kev.

"Your headphones are not connected to your phone," I reached out for his headphones' wire and pulled it out of his ears. "What's the title of this song?"


"I never listened to Chinese song before," said I.

"This song is not sung by Chinese. Malaysian." Kev brought a notebook out from his schoolbag. "Because I'm Taiwanese, I follow Taiwanese entertainment industry. Nicholas Teo is Malaysian. Well, in Malaysia, Overseas Chinese people are still using their dialects as a medium of communication and at the same time, the school forces students to use English. Consequently, Chinese Malaysian can speak three languages, Chinese, English, and of course, Malaysian. That's so nice!" He flipped the notebook to the page with the translation of this song. "Here's the Thai version of this song."

เธอคิดถึงใคร เมื่อไร้คนข้างกาย... อยากมีไหมใครเพียงสักคนข้างกัน...
เธอจะมีทุกข์หรือสุข มีเพียงแค่ฉันเข้าใจ... ให้ฉันได้อยู่ดูแลได้มั้ย...

"So you wrote the lyrics in Chinese on the left, and translate into Thai on the right?"

"Correct," he said. "But not totally correct. Songs are not always in Chinese or Thai. I also listen to some Malaysian and Indonesian songs. See this, Kenangan Terindah[5]." Not only mentioned, he also changed the song played by his phone.

Bila yang tertulis untukku... Adalah yang terbaik untukmu.

"You're a genius."

"Well... And here's my favorite..."

He showed me one another song. The Chinese version was on the left, and the other version, he told me it was German, was on the right.

Und ich werde dein Prinz
Der, den du wartest,
Reitet sein weißes Pferd, in den Himmel
Oh Mädel, halt bitte an
Wir werden wie Märchen
Mit Glück und Liebe füllen

"It's the German translation of Fairy Tales, or 童話 by Michael Wong, also Malaysian," he explained.

"Can I use some translations of the songs in this books to perform in the school's Music Day?"

"Sure, just tell me, you can pick any of it."

"Can I copied the songs' titles and research first?" I asked.


"Thanks, bro!"

"Hey! By the way, I saw that Mík had an argument with his girlfriend again," Kev changed the topic.

"It's always like this, he will learn one day."

Mík was a guitarist in Music Club. Pɔ̄i was so crazy about him but after she started dating Mík, she began to demand luxuries. Mík was just unable to buy her everything and finally, his parents cut his allowances.

"Let's sleep," said I.


[1] Potato is a popular Thai rock band.

[2] Artist: Potato; Title: นี่แหละความเสียใจ (Nī̂ Làe Khwām Sī̌a Jai; This is sadness), 2007.

[3] Temperature unit in Thailand is degree Celsius: 23 degrees Celsius is equal to 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

[4] Artist: 張棟樑 (Nicholas Teo); Title:「當你孤單你會想起誰」(Dāng Nǐ Gūdān Nǐ Huì Xiǎngqǐ Shuí; Whom do you think of when you are alone?), 2005.

[5] Artist: Samsons; Title: Kenangan Terindah (Memory is still Beautiful), 2006.

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