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Chapter 07 Our Bio Assignment

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Our Biology Assignment

—JC Müller—

"Kate, tonight you have to do your homework with your classmate outside, right?"

My mom asked me before I left her car in front of the school. I answered her, "yes, I will be late. But I won't make it later than 7:30 pm. Don't worry, mom."

"All right, see you tonight."

"See you tonight," I smiled at her before opened the door and stepped out to the pavement, headed for the school.

Today, it was really nice. I talked to Pā̂eng about Physics homework in the morning and greeted more people. Although I had not yet talked to the class president in person, but at least I already met him. Normally, he was always late for school. And during the class, he always had a meeting with other teachers about so many activities throughout the year.

I heard that his GPA was just 0.01 points higher than the fail grade.

"JC, so where will we work after classes?" It was a gap before the last class started when Kev asked me this question.

"I don't know the area, maybe you can take me wherever you want."

He smiled.

"A hotel room, maybe... Haha! Just kidding," he laughed. Then, he paused for a while before continued. "A fast-food at MC, then."

"MC Pā̀kkrèt or MC Jā̂eng Wáttháná?"

"MC Jā̂eng Wáttháná is closer to my home, but I have to buy a book at MC Pā̀kkrèt," answered Kev. Hey! MC Jā̂eng Wáttháná was also closer to my home, too.

"Umm... ok. Pā̀kkrèt is ok."

I nodded. Then, he went back to his seat. I saw his friends laughed about something. They must be Min and Máek. I still could not remember all the names of these new classmates.

And finally, the last class of the day dismissed. Kev waited for me at the corridor before we walked to the cinema. Our school was in Pā̀kkrèt's downtown area, so everything was within walking distance, well, except my home.

"Alright, let's get started," said Kev, after we settled down at the fried chicken fast-food restaurant. Both of us bought some food before so we ate and did homework at the same time. Kev was somehow intelligent, but he could not draw very well.

An hour had passed, there were only questions asking us to draw the sperms at different zoom levels. Our dinner was almost done. I only had half-cup soda left.

"Can you draw these?" He asked.

"I didn't remember a lot. I don't really know the shape for each level."



Seemed like he just realized that he was not using Thai or German. "Sorry. I just said it's too hard for me. Although I remembered the size and shape, I could not make it right."


I saw a girl in our school's white with blue-collar PE uniform scolded at her friend, probably boyfriend.

"It's Pɔ̄i. I wonder why Mík doesn't break up with her. He is so poor, and Pɔ̄i keeps asking for money and things." Kev described the situation. "He will have to learn one day, that girls who concern more about money won't stay long."

"Why don't you warn him?"

"So many times already, but he never listened," answered Kev. "It's not my business. Forget it. But yeah... I think I better show you something."

He opened his wallet and brought a photo of the school's Music Club members out of it. I found that one of the members was the boy that Kev called him Mík. Mík played bass guitar. In the picture, he looked so happy.

"This is Music Club. I know most of them because my Cyber Club once had to create a fan page for them. This is Kɔ́p, the lead vocal. This is Mík, who's over there, bass guitar. This is Wít, our classmate, remember? Wít plays the drum kit."



Eventually... I thought. I saw Pɔ̄i walked away from Mík angrily. Mík was crying.


He was paying too much attention to Mík while placing the picture down on the table just too close to the soda cup, and his hand accidentally pushed the soda cup to the table's edge.

And it fell.

"It's empty, by the way." He said after he bent down to bring it back to the table.

"You're lucky."

"Not that lucky..."

"By the way, do you know who's the owner of those... sperms?"

"Why do you want to know? I also don't want to know that you wear pink underwear."

"How could you know?!"

He was silent.



"Just guessed."

"KEV!!! 😡"

"I... think I better go... Auf Wiedersehen! (Goodbye!)"

He quickly grabbed his things and ran away. I followed but he was too quick.

"KEV!!! STOP!!!"

"You calm down and we talk later!!!"

He quickly ran out of the cinema building and finally jumped into the taxi with someone I did not know. Huh... I was so tired. I walked back to the restaurant and packed my stuff. Then I found his wallet. He grabbed the picture but forgot the wallet, how could this possible? Haha!

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