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Chapter 06 The Kiasu Mom

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The Kiasu Mom

—Tṓek Wē̂twíttháyā—

One thing I don't know why. It doesn't even matter how hard you try.[1]

I woke up at around 10:00 pm. The song was still playing very loudly but I could still fall asleep. How could this possible? All my homework assignments were done, but I needed to study for O-NET and A-NET[2] examinations.

Ding ding...

It was my MSN Messenger alert for incoming messages. I read Pā̂eng's message: Hey, can you do the Physics homework?

Yes... Although the teacher was not available today, he assigned us homework just to check our understanding from the previous semester.

I typed, Speed?


Again and again... I answered:

Use v = u + at, you get u for s = ut + (1/2)a(t^2)

In fact, I did not need to type again. I could just copy what I answered Mǎi before I fell asleep. I answered her at 8:04 pm, according to the timestamp. Did I sleep for around two hours? I thought I needed more sleep today, so I turned my computer off, and then the light, and went to the toilet, brushed my teeth.

"TṒEK! BE RESPONSIBLE!!! You need to study more for your midterm exams! You did it less than 90% last semester!"

My mother is mad. Kev told me that she is kiasu, she could not accept if her son could not make it better than her colleague's son. Well, 90% in her view was an FF? I really want to resign from being her only son.

"Enough for tonight, mā! I'm the best of the whole batch already, why do I need to study more!?" I washed my face quickly and rushed back to my bedroom. It was my luck that I placed my bookshelf just beside the door, so I locked the door and blocked it by moving the bookshelf so she could not open the door after unlocking it from the outside.

I went to sleep... but it was very hard to sleep.

Why did she pressure me to study hard this much?

"TṒEK!!!" She kept calling me. "TṒEK!!!"

I did not answer.

Com'on... I told myself, it's gonna be better off...


I reached out for my phone so and turned on the song.

我來到寂寞邊界 愛已失竊 心在淌著血 男人的無盡傷痛 都鎖進黑夜[3]

"Phɔ̄̂[4], couldn't you see? Tṓek locked the door again."

I heard my mom talked to my dad.

"It's okay, mā̂e. Let him rest for a night."

Oh. Thanks, bà[4]. I did not hear anything else. My dad must already ask my mom to leave me alone at least for a night. Well, in fact, my dad did not want me to be perfect. He wanted me to be happier. It was only my mom who wanted me to study hard and be the best in the country.

There are only competitors out there. You don't have friends. She kept telling me this all the times.

寂寞邊界傷心人已學會安慰 The song continued playing.


[1] Artist: LinkinPark; Title: In the End, 2001.

[2] O-NET (Ordinary National Education Test) and A-NET (Advanced National Education Test) were two examinations (where O-NET was mandatory while A-NET was optional) for students to take in order to graduate from high school. The results could also be used for university admission. Anyway, GAT and PAT had already replaced these tests.

[3] The very same song that Kev listened to in Physics class, 「寂寞邊界」.

[4] Phɔ̄̂ (พ่อ) and mā̂e (แม่) mean father and mother, respectively. It is not only used by the children to call their parents, the parents also call each other this way. Anyway, since there are many Overseas Chinese people in Thailand, Tṓek is half-Chinese so he calls his parents using Chinese words, mā (媽) for mother and bà (爸) for father, although their parents are trying to let him use Thai words.

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