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Chapter 04 Jerk Off in School

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Jerk Off in School

—Tṓek Wē̂twíttháyā—

วุ่นฉิบหาย ไอ้พวกนี้... เหี้ยว่ะ (So chaotic... these guys. Terrible.) Wasn't this too bad for our classmates? I kept thinking about this for the whole lunch break.

Jì said this after Min left for the toilet. I never understood our class president. He loved to look down on everyone else. Well, we were all educated in some ways, and we should be able to be different, but in his mind, every single student here must be the same. He might think that we were robots. I thought, I totally agreed with Kevin Chen.

"Tṓek, isn't the next class Biology?" asked Pā̂eng from my back.

We just got our schedules this morning, so how could we remember? I quickly checked my own and found out that the answer was yes. The time was tight so we had to rush there. It was 12:53 pm already and the lab was on the fifth floor.

Welcome back to the school!

Our class president was unavailable. This time he was called for the Teacher's Day ceremony. I had to work instead because I was the vice president.

"นักเรียน เคารพ (Students, pay respect.)" I gave the order for everyone to greet the teacher.

"Good afternoon, teacher."

The first Biology session of this semester was not difficult. As found in the textbook, we had to learn about animal's cells and how animals reproduce. With microscopes on our tables, some guys, especially those who sat at the back of the lab, started to rub their private parts. And as expected, Min and Máek were the first ones to start it. They raised their hands.

"Khrū Wanphen, are there any living cells for us to see today?"

Our Biology teacher smiled.

"I don't have at this moment. But if you really want to see, you can take the beakers and go to the toilet. But please remember to come back fast so we have enough time to prepare and look at the reproductive cells live through the microscopes."

She was a kind teacher. Her daughter was also studying secondary 6 with us, but in a different class, so she understood that we, teenagers, were still naughty.

"Thánát[1], you can sit down and study," she added. "You are the hope of everyone."

As always. I was everyone's hope. My mom would like me to get into the best university and work for a government so I could be the so-called jâo khon niā khon[2]. Teachers would like me to get the maximum 4.00 GPA so they could print a huge sign board showing that I got the greatest GPA ever. Classmates would like me to answer every question, so they could ask me whenever they had questions... 24x7.

"I'd better go, khrū. I'm a guy."

"But wait, why are you going with us, Kev?" Máek started to tease Kev again. They were just in front of me.

"I'm also a guy," said Kev, so strongly.

We walked very fast to the toilet, but it was a very long walk since the only toilet was at the other end of the building. Kev slowed down a bit, letting Min and Máek make a lead.

"Hi Tṓek," he greeted me.

"Oh, hi Kev."

"How was the Olympiad Camp?"

It was a surprise that he asked me about my Academic Olympiad Camp during the spring break[3]. Last year, my score was in the top-3 of the region so I got selected for the camp, with a chance to be in a national team for Mathematics Olympiads. Kev did not join us although his skill in computer and technology could easily beat many others. So I thought this was completely out of his interests.

But since he asked. Maybe he wanted to compete for Taiwan, not Thailand, so he did not join.

"Difficult. I'm thinking of withdrawal." I sincerely told him. He was the first one to know this. I thought of withdrawal, but I planned to tell everyone else that I failed the next round.

Kev nodded. "It must be very hard. You should rather enjoy your school life than studying this hard just to be in a national team and come back to be just nobody." Then he smiled. "Just tell me if you need help."

"Thanks, buddy."

And yes, this was Kevin Chen, a son of a Thai father and a Taiwanese mother. His parents divorced long ago in Taiwan. Then, the father brought the son back to his hometown. Kevin was heartbroken. As a normal kid, he needed a complete family. In his case, it was so cruel that after the divorce, he would not be able to contact his mother again. I knew that he always feel sad inside his heart, but he always showed his kindness to us. I really admired him.

His father did several attempts to change his name into Thai. I was at the Registrar Office for my identification card when I saw Kevin ran into the office's waiting hall and dragged his father home. I clearly saw what was inside his heart.

Fortunately, I brought my video camera with me. I captured the whole event and translated what he said.




He said he was not Thai, he was Taiwanese. Although his father tried to explain, Kev did not listen. He said he already declared what he wanted: don't touch his name.

"Tṓek, Kevin, morning."

Someone greeted us from the back.

"Hi, Thátchai," he was greeted back by us. Thátchai was a son of a famous local politician. Although his father was handsome, smart, and good-looking. Thátchai was not like his father at all. He was a weak boy with a sweet smile. To me, I felt like he was concealing his sadness all the times.

"How was the vacation? Two months... it was too long to me."

I laughed. "You know, I had no choices but to go to the Olympiad Camp. Ask Kev. Maybe he has something to tell us."

"Nothing. Sincerely. Only search for my mom's name."

It seemed like he would like to escape the country and get back to his mother so badly. Pity. I could do nothing but pray for him. Wished him good luck.

"Well, Kevin. Are you ok?" Thátchai changed the topic.

"What do you mean by that?"

"I know you're somehow sick. Stomachache?"

"Food poisoning. But it's ok now. I ain't used to Thai food anyway." So it was true that Kev had a stomachache. How bad I was. I could not detect that my classmate was not well today.

That was something that I never noticed.

Finally, we arrived at the men's toilet, and Min started to select another guy to get to do the job.

"There are so many guys, how could I do this!?" Alright, you were the one who requested this.

We were looking at the chaos from the outside. Kev also did not care. He brought out his cellphone and looked at it for a while before turning to me with a question.

"Do you think that the girl in this photo looks like JC?"

I looked at the photo on his phone. I had to admit that they looked alike, but because the girl in the photo might have been around ten years old, it was very difficult to tell. Well, I just knew the best answer. "Yeah... this girl could or could not be JC."

"Well... her name is Kate. How could she be JC?" Kev said sadly. Then suddenly he walked toward Máek who was now holding the beaker.

"给我吧。(Give it to me.)" He took the beaker from him and locked himself inside the toilet.

"Hey! Kev! You can fly the kite[4]?" Min asked in disbelieve.

"Of course I can! 我每一天打飛機啊。(I fight the jet[4] every day)"

About five minutes had passed. Kev came out of the toilet with a beaker full of white sperms.

"So, are you actually gay?"

"It's my condensed milk[5] anyway, and the photo I used was a girl's. 😎"

I nodded. "I saw... I don't believe he is a gay."


[1] Most Thai people call their friends, classmates, and family members by their so-called nickname (ชื่อเล่น), which can be completely different from first names. Otherwise, most people are referred to by their first names. Here, Thánát is Tṓek's first name.

[2] Jâo khon niā khon (เจ้าคนนายคน) literally means people who rule, but usually, this refers to those who work for the government. Thai people believe that working for the government would bring wealth and power to a family.

[3] In Thailand, school vacation starts from mid-March to mid-May. This period is during the hot season in Thailand, so people normally call it a summer break. But in the northern hemisphere English context, the months belong to spring, so it is better to be called spring break. Note: In the Thai language, summer means hot season and winter means cold season, this could give a slightly different meaning from English. And that's why people call the break summer break.

[4] Fly the kite (ชักว่าว) and fight the jet (打飛機) both mean masturbation.

[5] Condensed milk is a slang for sperms.

A/N Jerking off during biology class was the real story of mine in June 2005.

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