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Chapter 03 Oh Girl

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Oh Girl

—Mík Jansìrì—

It was very cool to be a guitarist for the school's Music Club because girls like handsome musicians. Anyway, it was very terrible because if you start dating one of them, then she would demand everything from you and might corrupt your guitar practice and other tasks of yours.

"Pɔ̄i, I just can't go. I have to practice guitar this evening. You know. The school's Club Day is just next week."

"Again? Mík, you have to spend times with your girlfriend, too, if you keep being busy like this, I'm not gonna be your girlfriend anymore," said my girlfriend, sharply.

"Are you asking for a breakup?"

"No! I'm not asking for that. But if you don't spend time with me, why would I want to be your girlfriend?"

I was tired. My family was not that rich. Studying, practicing my bass guitar, and taking care of a girlfriend. These were too hard for me. I had only 24 hours a day, why demanded time from me like there were 48 hours a day.

"Pɔ̄i... We were together for most of the time during the vacation. Now, I need to be responsible. It's my responsibility to go to practice this evening. Think carefully, Pɔ̄i. Would you like to have a boyfriend who stays with you and throw away all his responsibilities, all his stuff, just for you? Would you really like to have a boyfriend who is NOT responsible?"


She could not accept it. So she walked away from my classroom. I sat down.

Yesterday evening, Pɔ̄i called me and asked me to keep talking for the whole night. I did not sleep. And I could not finish the test this morning because it was very difficult to stay awake. So I started to do it. And it must be finished as quickly as possible before the lunch break ended. It was more than twenty minutes left.

"Mík. I know you are rushing your test. Come to talk to me after you're done with it, ok?" My classmate, Thī, came to me when I was almost done.

I wrote another sentence. I quickly proofread it and closed the notebook. "President Mio, where to hand it in?" I asked my class president. A nerd girl with a thick circle glasses, Mio, came to take it from me personally. Thanks, yours is the last one. She whispered.

"Thī! Come back and talk," I called Thī back.

"Ok, I got a good news, the third member of our team for English homework will be Phûeng. She is very good at English, our team's presentation must be the best!"

"Phûeng? F***!"

I hated her. She was the one who was against my relationship with Pɔ̄i.

"Stop it! Everyone had formed the group already, you won't have a chance to make a move." How could Thī do this to me?!?!?!

"Huh... Pɔ̄i just asked me to go out again... and now you asked me to work with the one I hate."

"You just have a girlfriend who you can't afford to buy her happiness," said Thī, "and Phûeng just warned you. Well, you just need to think carefully. It's not her fault at all."

"Huh... you're right. I can't afford to buy her happiness. F*** it!" Alright, it was not her fault because she was my friend and friends were to warn friends when something not too good was possibly going to happen. Yeah. Maybe it was actually my fault. I could not buy Pɔ̄i her happiness 😥.

"Mík. You have to accept the truth," said Thī.

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