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Design Challenge (3): Resident Registration

posted Mar 16, 2017, 10:20 AM by Ratinan Lee   [ updated Mar 21, 2017, 8:30 AM ]
This is another new design for tonight. I can only wonder why the Thai Government can never improve its own work.

Enjoy the design!

The first thing you could see here is the "Resident Registration", and the second thing you recognize is that I use this term for ทะเบียนบ้าน although others say "ทะเบียนบ้าน" = "House Registration". Refer to the Wikipedia page, the registration of the resident in the particular address (internal migration) is called "Resident Registration", so I have to follow the term used in the English-speaking world. Then, you can see the C.R.14 which is meant for ท.ร. 14. C.R. stands for "Civil Registration", which is the translation of ท.ร. or ทะเบียนราษฎร์ (if I understand it correctly).

In the Consular Office's trans(litera)tion(?), the "รายการเกี่ยวกับบ้าน" is House Particulars, but the term is so old and only Singapore and India use the term, so I choose the term "Details of the Address" instead. รหัสประจำบ้าน should be "Address Identification Number", not the House Code what!? The word "code" gives the mysterious feeling, too ridiculous to be used as the "identifier" of the "address" where someone lives in. And since the address may not lead to the "house", so it should still be the term "address" that has to be identified. Hence, the "Address Identification Number" is the most appropriate term.

The Consular Office uses the term "Date of House Number Stipulation". Stipulation? Someone "stipulates" the "house number"? I'd better use the term "house number assignment" because the number (street address) must be "assigned" to the structure. Anyway, since the number is assigned, it has to be registered, so the date should be the date of registration of the address.

This part replaces the "Particulars of Persons in the House Code Number" part in the Consular Office's transliteration version of the real one. The person living in the house is called "resident" in English, so the term "resident" can be replaced here. The term "particulars" is an old term, but the page already says for itself, so the part should just be called "Resident of the Address". The House Code Number can be omitted because it is already stated on the front page. The other labels here are straight forward. The irrelevant pieces of information are all removed in this design. (If you want to know the person's parents, then why don't you go to the birth certificate or other documents?)

The most important part should be here: how to copy without address identification number on every page? Easy! Today, we can hide information for the photocopy machine to see. So, for the identification number, it can be printed on every page but invisible to human's eyes.