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Kalaland 4.0

posted Mar 21, 2017, 5:10 AM by Ratinan Lee   [ updated Mar 21, 2017, 8:02 AM ]

Thailand 4.0?

Is it possible?
First, we have to understand the 1.0 to 3.0.
1.0 = Agricultural era
2.0 = Early-industrialization era
3.0 = Heavy industrial era

Ask yourself are you confident to call Thailand an industrial country?
Still early!
And investors are leaving!
Bad infrastructure!
I call Thailand today 2.5...
Not yet 3.0

Good infrastructure and government support must be there to promote industries.
Well, before we digitize ourselves, we have to be able to support ourselves by producing everything we need and export. In order to do so, the government must support investors and build infrastructures, including roads, rails, ports, and communication networks. Today, rails are still terrible and unreliable. Roads are still... in a very poor condition. Communication? Fast... but stable for only minutes...? Is this infrastructure condition good?

No! This infrastructure does not support digitization!

Education must be great, also, in order to promote digitization.

And Thailand lacks everything.

I would say...

1. Thailand, you may need 15 more years to get to Thailand 2.9 and 5 more to be 3.0.
(15 years to build all infrastructures and 5 more years to let people adjust themselves to the newly developed infrastructures)

2. Then, at least 10 more years to move from 3.0 to 4.0.
(Stabilize the businesses, the industries, and improve education as a preparation for the stable digitization.)

But to make a move, Thai culture must be eliminated first!

Otherwise, 100 more years won't be anything that changed.

--- Note ---

You may say that you are in Thailand 4.0 now, but your 4.0 experience would be katuk... katuk... cuz the infrastructure is not there.

You want to go to shopping mall, and your app says the bus is coming in 1 minute. You go there and spend time waiting for 20 minutes cuz the app was not synched.

You want to go to work, you have to take fuck-bike, then suck-bus, then rough-train, then fuck-bike again... you can't digitize anything at all. You can't get news for your daily decision of buying or selling stocks. You can't get updates on your daily finance or anything else. You can't even get your route to work when rough-train breaks down cuz the internet is too slow... And you have to transfer to too many modes of transportation so frequently... although you have to be stuck in the crowded suck-bus for so long, but your data plan will be used up and you will be left with slow data...

Ask yourself whether you want the katuk...katuk... experience.

To me, I don't want, so the first priority is to make Thailand 3.0 so we have the infrastructure.

After Thailand 3.0, we can go straight to Thailand 4.0, but since the people are still not well educated, the digitized Thailand will surely be terrible, by the way.