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Design Challenge (1): ID Card

posted Mar 15, 2017, 5:31 PM by Ratinan Lee   [ updated Mar 21, 2017, 8:45 AM ]
This is the Thai National ID Card. The new design. The design with chip for digital processing. Anyway, for these many years, I have never used the chip, except for opening the bank account. What!?

Well, let's see. Anyone think that this design is very chaotic? Yes, I do. I hate this design. It's too chaotic. It's too informative. Somehow I feel it's dangerous also. But, how to make it less chaotic? Well, firstly, we, human, read things in order, so the indentation and fonts must be aligned well. Let's see this design:

Isn't it less chaotic? Firstly, the alignment is there and the information is differentiated by color and font size. The Thai labels are less important here just to support the initiative to be "Thailand 4.0" policy where all things in Thailand should be "internationalized" with "standard" that "ALL" people on earth must be able to "understand". The MRZ area is also added to support the older facilities where chip readers are not available. Anyway, the look and feel here are still very heavy. Let's see the next "lighter" design that most support "Thailand 4.0" initiative.

The lighter, the better. You can see that the Thai labels are completely out of sight. This makes the card lighter and more readable. Isn't this more preferred for the new generations of the Thai citizens? Anyway, I have something more to add here. The NRIC card design used in Singapore is also very nice and I love it. So, here, I have changed the NRIC design to be the Thai National ID Card. Take a look!

After you have seen these new designs, don't you feel like the current design looks like it's Thailand

Hope you enjoy! ^^