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Design Challenge (2): Certificate of Birth

posted Mar 16, 2017, 8:52 AM by Ratinan Lee   [ updated Mar 21, 2017, 8:34 AM ]
The readability of the Certificate of Birth should be the first priority for those who design the Certificate. You have to understand that today is not in the 19th century anymore, and we have to evolve to the new era where English is the most important language of the world and the privacy is one of the concerns worldwide. And at the same time, the preservation of the local culture is also a priority. I hereby designed this new Certificate of Birth that should be used. Anyway, I understand that Thailand Government would like to stay "Thailand" while claiming they are "Thailand 4.0".


The first question in your mind, what does C.R. stand for? ท.ร.1/1 could stand for ทะเบียนราษฎร์ 1.1, so the English version of it should be "Civil Registration", making it C.R. 1.1. Mostly, for this design, I eliminated the irrelevant information in the current design, which would make this one more useful and easier to fill in. The introduction of English labels and more spaces for English information makes the form useful throughout the world where English is the official language. Some of the terms used in the trans(litera)tion(?) version of the Consular Office were replaced by the more "English" words, e.g. "birth notifying person" now becomes "informant".