About Me

"No one can do no wrong so every one of us must learn how to fix mistakes, never hide them under the carpet." - Nat Lee


I grew up in Bangkok, Thailand. Studied at Phraharuthai Donmuang School (elementary), which was Christian private school and much better than ordinary public schools. Then I went to Horwang Nonthaburi School, a public school where I found difficulties adjusting myself into this poorer academic environment 😫. lol.

Well, I was not a good boy who always obeyed and listened to adults. Teachers needed to invite my parents to school for so many ☕ “coffee sessions”, not because of any illegal or immoral behaviors, but because I followed international ways of moral, not Thai.

I grew up bearing a lot of expectations. My mother wanted me to be a doctor or an engineer. Many teachers told me that I should be a teacher: get a Ph.D. and come back to classroom 🏫. At the same time, I had never got what I expected. Hence I said no, “I have my own life.” This was the starting point where my life separated from the main Thai culture.


Because it was not easy to robotize me, I had westernized myself 😎. I studied at Thammasat University, enrolled in an international program, where everything became American English (and Thinglish). Finally, I defamiliarized with anything Thai, including the B.E. calendar. About the study, I got 🏆 First Class Honors and my paper was published in 2012 ICT ISPC Conference Journal.

After graduated, I started working at a giant tech company from Kansas City, MO. I had an opportunity to work with engineer team from HQ and the team from Hyderabad, India. I got much better salary there 💰, compared to other new grads back then.


When I moved to Singapore in 2014, I first went to study M.Sc. at Nanyang Technological University (ranked 13th globally, according to QS rankings 2015 🎉). After graduated, I continued working here in Singapore... good salary, convenient, and cheaper living costs... 😜 🤑

Hi! After living in a very terrible city, now I'm better off in Singapore. It's really good here. I love it.

💼 Software Engineer at MobileWebAdz Intl
🏡 Lives in Singapore
❤️ Single
🎓 Masters of Science
Information Systems
Nanyang Tech Univ

🎓 Bachelor of Science
Computer Science
Thammasat Univ